International cargo transportation from Europe to Russia by road

The Europiir Logistics OÜ carries out international transportation of complete and consolidated cargoes by road from Europe to Russia. We offer international container shipping at a bargain price We undertake the organization of a full complex of services, we guarantee a faultless level of service and we provide the minimum terms of delivery of freight to the destination.

International road freight transportation is the most popular type of delivery of goods from Europe to Russia due to the high speed of transportation and the relatively low cost of transport and logistics services.

International road transport: advantages

International road freight transportation provides plenty of advantages over other types of delivery from Europe:

1. High-speed delivery of goods from Europe while maintaining an affordable price. Given the relatively small distance of European countries from Russia, the transportation of goods in international traffic by road is the most profitable and the fastest. The truck can also be used during international multimodal transportation (including from the USA) by the shortest route.

2. The ability to map a route of any complexity. If several stops are planned on the route for the purpose of additional purchase of new goods, then international road transportation of goods is the best solution for the purpose. Our freight forwarder will not only come to the desired location for loading but if necessary, will make a purchase on the spot.

3. Delivery from Europe to Russia of goods of any volume. We deliver consolidated and partial (small batches) cargoes from Europe. The minimum weight is 10 kg. Even if you need to ship just a couple of boxes, we will do it for you. At the same time, the cost of international freight to Russia (St. Petersburg and other regions) will remain within reasonable limits.

4. Ability to change the route promptly. In the course of international cargo transportation, it is possible to make adjustments to the route at the client’s request. If you urgently need to move the delivery endpoint to another location, you can do it even after forwarding the vehicle from Europe. Simply contact our manager by phone, and he will promptly give the new coordinates to the driver.

Directions of delivery:

The multi-profile transport company Europiir Logistics OÜ provides international transportation to Russia from southern Europe (Italy, Spain, Bulgaria), Northern Europe (Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Estonia) and the Central part of the EU (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany). We also operate in the Western European direction (Holland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands) and deliver goods from Iran and Turkey.

Points of reception of goods are located in Estonia, Lithuania, Istanbul, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Finland, Norway, Latvia, England, China and other countries.

Cargo transportation from Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Cyprus to Russia with the involvement of road transport is carried out as a part of a multimodal (mixed) delivery.

If you want to receive the purchased goods promptly and without unnecessary delays, if you require the high-quality delivery of goods from Europe, do not hesitate to contact Europiir Logistics OÜ.

We work with partial (small) and combined loads weighing from 20 to 24 000 kg, delivery is carried out by various types of road transport: minibusses, light vehicles (vans), light-duty semi-trailers, trucks (mega, coupling) and containers. Cargo consolidation is performed at the customs warehouse in Estonia.

When choosing the option of transporting your goods, it is important to remember that the final result largely depends on the logistics company that provides the service.

The Europiir Logistics company offers and guarantees its customers:

  • selection of the optimal vehicle depending on the specifics of the cargo and the wishes of the customer;
  • high speed of delivery of goods from Europe to Russia while maintaining affordable prices and the ability to perform urgent orders;
  • ability to lay a route of any complexity, including individual solution, with prompt adjustments on request;
  • ability to stop transport on the road as necessary and perform additional loading on the route;
  • supply of transport directly to the place of loading and unloading according to the door to door scheme;
  • assistance in the preparation of accompanying documentation;
  • assistance in customs procedures and consulting support in this area;
  • responsible storage of cargo in our warehouses;
  • delivery of goods of any volume, minimum weight 10 kg, from Europe to Russia;
  • express delivery.

Specialists of Europiir Logistics OÜ will provide any professional assistance in the field of logistics in the international transportation of goods.

Advantages of the Europiir Logistics OÜ

  1. Several points of delivery in Russia. Our company delivers the goods to the Leningrad region, Moscow region as well as to Karelia. Delivery of goods from Europe directly to your object is feasible. Ask for more detail from our experts.
  2. The own customs warehouse in Estonia Transportation from Europe is associated with the customs control. The own customs warehouse in Estonia allows us to provide the high-quality conditions of storage of goods during a forced stop.
  3. Qualified preparation of documents for the cargo
    Our company is staffed with professional lawyers and declarants for the fastest document processing. Their duties include filling in export declarations and CMRs as well as performing customs clearance and cleaning (if necessary) of goods arriving in Russia or from Russia, China. Prior to shipping cargo for international transportation, our specialists will unquestionably check the contract with the supplier for errors. If necessary, any errors will be eliminated.
  4. Opportunity to organize the purchase of goods and equipment No time to look for suppliers in Europe? Entrust the purchase of everything you need to us. Our partner network covers dozens of companies across Europe. We will help you to find a reliable supplier of quality products and sophisticated equipment. If necessary, we arrange the payment of goods to the import supplier, optimize the cost of customs clearance.
  5. Timely information on the progress of transportation Cargo transportation from Europe to Russia is carried out under the control of your personal manager. He will coordinate the actions of forwarders in time as well as timely inform you about the progress of delivery.
  6. The presence of an extensive agency network in 110 countries and many years of experience in various transit operations Working with us, you may be sure of the result!

Send a request for transportation by e-mail or contact us by phone for individual consultation and special offer!

Cargo transportation from Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Cyprus to Russia with the involvement of road transport is carried out as a part of a multimodal (mixed) delivery. If needed, we will offer our clients an optimal scheme for multimodal transportation.

For more information, see Multimodal transportation.

For the organization of emergency delivery from Asia, America, Brazil, Australia we offer air delivery to Estonia and sending to Russia by separate small vehicles. Delivery takes as little as a week and a half. For more information, see Express delivery.

International road transportation of properly sized and oversized cargo

The Europiir Logistics company offers you favorable conditions of road delivery in the directions from Europe, Scandinavia, China (turnkey), the Baltic States to Russia (including transportation Russia-Latvia), Kazakhstan, Ukraine and back, and also within the European Union. International cargo transportation is carried out by the following means of transport:

  • Top-tent trucks from 82 to 120 cubic meters;
  • Jumbo trucks;
  • Large capacity and isotherm refrigerators;
  • Low-frame and trawls for transportation of oversized cargo;
  • Container vessels;
  • Minibusses for Express delivery (up to 18 cubic meters and carrying capacity up to 3 t);
  • Vans up to 30 cubic meters, with capacity 5-7 tons.

We also offer the organization of road delivery by any of the above vehicles in Estonia, perform international container transport, multimodal transport of goods from Europe. It is important to note that shipping from Europe is often associated with a need for customs control. Our own customs warehouse in Estonia allows, if required, to provide the high-quality storage conditions for goods.

Delivery of goods from Europe (including the delivery of consolidated cargoes) is carried out with the highest level of accuracy and with minimal delays in solving organizational issues. In plain words, we always carry out fast and trouble-free transportation of goods. The plan of each international freight transportation is clearly agreed with the customer.

If you are interested in the exact cost and details of the organization of international transport of goods by our company’s vehicles, just contact the manager and he will send you a quotation with details for your task. We guarantee high-quality delivery of goods from Europe at an affordable price.