Cargo insurance en route

  • Cargo insurance on the way means a guaranteed full compensation for losses and damages even in those cases when there is no liability (fault) of the carrier, as well as the cost of the goods above the compensated CMR insurance (CMR insurance compensates 8.33 SDR/kg, 1 SDR = ~1,17 EUR);
  • Insurance coverage from the moment the cargo is received at the point of departure and during the entire transportation (including transshipment, intermediate storage up to 60 days) until the cargo is delivered to the final point. Damages resulting from deterioration, wreckage, theft of cargo, expenses for its rescue, repair, work of the surveyor are subject to compensation;
  • Prompt issuance of an international insurance certificate;
  • International ICC(A) conditions from leading London insurance companies;
  • Assistance in registration of documents of the insured event up to its compensation

The cost of the insurance policy for transportation through our company by our transport depends on the type of goods and their value, so the percentage varies from 0.12% to 0.145% of the invoice value, but not less than 15 EUR.