Delivery of goods to Ukraine

  • Settlements with counterparties without the SWIFT system
  • Efficient delivery by all modes of transport
  • We deliver all categories of commercial cargo

Delivery of goods to Ukraine is a complex process that requires a professional approach and detailed study at each stage. The Europiir group carries out cargo transportation to Ukraine, offering customers reliable and optimized solutions for transporting various cargoes.
We provide delivery of consolidated cargo to Ukraine, and also specialize in the transportation of large and heavy cargo, using all available modes of transport.


It is possible to deliver various cargoes from Estonia to Ukraine:

  • General: Packaging and transportation of single batches.
  • Groupage: Consolidation and dispatch of combined cargo.
  • Oversized: Safe transportation of goods of non-standard sizes.

Our logistics specialists will select the appropriate route and transportation option, based on the individual needs of the customer.

Road haulage

We organize road transport from Estonia to Ukraine, with a fleet of more than 275 vehicles. Our vehicles are adapted for transporting various cargoes, including large ones. Transportation is carried out with 90 m3 tents, 120 m3 hitches, vans up to 30 m3 and minibuses for express delivery, ensuring prompt delivery within 20 to 35 days.

Shipping by sea

Guarantee the safety and integrity of large consignments. We offer various types of containers, including 20DC/40HC/Open TOP containers and organise stowage of oversized cargo on board, ensuring efficient customs clearance and delivery within 14-21 days.

Air freight

When time is of the essence, we offer air freight to deliver cargo from Estonia to Ukraine as quickly as possible. We provide logistics solutions for delivering goods to any part of Europe, reducing delivery times to 2-5 days.


We offer comprehensive solutions for the delivery of groupage cargo from Estonia to Ukraine. Groupage cargo from Estonia to Ukraine is sent on regular flights, providing customers with reliable delivery times. We use all types of transport: road, rail, sea and air. We provide a full range of services, including collection of cargo from the sender anywhere in Estonia, consolidation of cargo in our warehouses, preparation of all necessary export documents, as well as door-to-door delivery in Ukraine. Our specialists are ready to take care of all logistics and customs procedures so that you can focus on your business without worrying about the delivery process.


The cost of cargo transportation is influenced by the following key factors:

  • Cargo characteristics. Different categories of cargo, including general, groupage and oversized cargo, have different tariffs.
  • Transportation method. Tariffs vary depending on the chosen transportation method, be it railway, air, road or sea transport.
  • Additional services. Packaging services, customs clearance and insurance affect the final cost.
  • Route. The complexity of the route and distance also play a role, especially if there are transit points.
  • Seasonal factors. Time of year can affect prices due to demand or weather conditions.
  • Customs duties and taxes. They are calculated based on the characteristics and cost of the cargo, as well as the country of destination.


By choosing us, you choose a reliable way to transport your cargo from Estonia to Ukraine. We are ready to provide you with a specific cost estimate and detailed transportation plan today. Don’t delay – contact us right now! We will find the optimal solution for your task, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety of transporting your cargo.

  1. Acceptance and processing of requests for cargo transportation.
    We quickly and accurately analyse the client’s requirements and the characteristics of the cargo to develop optimal logistics solutions.
  2. Route development and cost calculation
    We create a transportation route and provide an accurate cost calculation.
  3. Preparation of necessary documents and customs clearance
    We prepare all the necessary documentation, ensuring a fast customs clearance process.
  4. Tracking the movement of cargo and constant communication with the client
    Clients receive regular notifications about the status and location of the cargo, and our team is always available for consultation.


Over 500 companies have chosen us for our personalized approach, global presence and high level of professionalism at every stage of the process.

  • Global presence
    We are distinguished by our status as an official customs representative in the EU. We have all the necessary resources to adapt to trade sanctions.
  • Own payment service
    We provide alternative mechanisms for financial transactions, ensuring the security and confidentiality of international payments without the SWIFT system.
  • Professionalism and experience
    More than 400 specialists work to ensure the reliability and efficiency of every shipment, using proven methods and innovative solutions.
  • Our own fleet of vehicles
    We select suitable freight vehicles depending on the client’s needs, we control shipments along the entire route.
  • Customs procedures
    We will help with customs clearance of goods at the border.