Delivery of goods from Norway to Turkey

  • Our own office in Turkey ensures fast customs clearance.
  • An extended network of warehouses in Europe and Turkey ensures efficient and secure storage and optimisation of freight transport.

The Europiir Group offers services for freight from Norway to Turkey. With more than 15 years of experience in international freight transport, we ensure reliable and timely delivery of goods from all cities in Norway to different regions in Turkey. Our professional team of 400 specialists ensures an individualised approach at every stage of the transport, from receiving the goods to delivery at the destination. The entire shipping process between Norway and Turkey is closely monitored by our experts to ensure maximum reliability. We focus on optimising logistics processes to ensure high-quality and cost-effective transport of goods.


Europiir Group’s specialists organise freight transport to Turkey.
We provide reliable and fast transport of various types of goods, including non-hazardous and consolidated cargo, in accordance with international standards and regulations.
Using a variety of modes of transport and focusing on the individual needs of each customer, Europiir offers comprehensive logistics solutions that meet international quality and safety standards.

Road haulage

We organise road transport from Norway to Turkey with a fleet of more than 275 vehicles. We offer 90 m3 tents, 120 m3 road trains, vans up to 30 m3 and minibuses for express deliveries. Our services cover shipments from all regions of Norway and ensure efficient and safe transport to Turkey.

Sea freight

It is possible to ship to Turkey by sea. We offer 20DC/40HC/Open TOP containers and arrange on-board placement of oversized cargo. We work with the largest shipping companies for shipments from Estonia to Turkey, ensuring efficient customs clearance and delivery within 14-21 days.

Air freight

In situations where time is a key factor, we offer air freight services from Norway to Turkey, ensuring fast and safe delivery to all regions of Turkey in 2-5 days.

Block transport

In addition, we offer specialised services for block transport, coordinated transport and customs clearance. It is possible
to transport several vehicles on one invoice and we have experience of transporting between 2 and 69 vehicles.

Delivery of general cargo from Norway to Turkey

Europiir offers a comprehensive service for the delivery of mixed goods from Norway to Turkey. We have a network of warehouses in Turkey to ensure that consignor cargo is consolidated. We take care of everything related to customs clearance.

Our fleet consists of a wide variety of vehicles for the transport of prefabricated goods, including tippers, wagons and minibuses. We use 20DC/40HC containers for sea transport from Norway to Istanbul, Izmir and other ports. Bus and air express services are also available.


1. Submit an enquiry: Send an enquiry online or by phone. Quick calculation of costs taking into account all requirements. Transparency about conditions and prices.
2. Customs clearance: Assistance in the preparation of documents. Fast and hassle-free border crossing. Expert support at all stages.
3. Delivery in Turkey: Efficient logistics in Turkey. On-time delivery to the designated location. Real-time monitoring and tracking of the cargo.
Every step is controlled by our specialists, ensuring reliable and efficient shipping from Norway to Turkey.