International sea shipping

International marine transportation is a convenient way to ship goods in a case when the delivery is not urgent, or when the option of road transport is simply impossible.. Definitely, this type of transportation is less expensive compared to road or air delivery and is characterized by high safety of cargo. The Europiir Logistics OÜ company carries out marine container cargo transportation in all main directions through the ports of Estonia: Tallinn (Muuga harbor), Paldiski harbor.

Depending on the specifics of the cargo, different types of containers are used: 20″, 40″, 40″ High Cube, refrigerated containers, Open Top, Flat Rack. The company specialists will choose the type of container you need. Long-term and stable partnership with leading container lines gives us the opportunity to offer the best rates for cargo transportation and minimize the delivery time depending on the direction. The company carries out regular deliveries from the USA, India, China through Estonia to Turkey. Due to the established partnerships with the leading carriers in these areas, the offer of the Europiir Logistics OÜ will be the most profitable, as you can make sure by contacting the manager of the company.

International maritime carriage of cargo (containers) from China, USA

Entrust marine cargo transportation to the professionals! The Europiir Logistics OÜ will organize timely and safe delivery of containers with goods for your business. Inexpensively, reliably. Marine container transportation is an affordable, convenient and safe way of cargo delivery in any volumes to Turkey. The Europiir Logistics OÜ carries out international marine transportation from China, the USA, Greece, Canada, Asia, Turkey, and India through the Estonian ports in the shortest possible time, taking into account the specifics of transportation. If you do not need urgent delivery of your goods, but, on the hand, you want to save the corporate budget, then international transportation by sea will help you to solve this problem in a best possible way. At the same time there is no need to worry for the quality and safety of the goods: the vessel crew, as well as accompanying cargo specialists, will make sure that nothing wrong happens on the way.

For cargo transportation by sea, strong containers are selected that reliably protect the contents from adverse external impact or accidental loss. Sea freight is carried out using containers of 20″, 40″ and 40″ High Cube. . There is an opportunity of sea freight in containers equipped with a refrigerator, and in containers such as Open Top and Flat Rack. You can choose the necessary type of capacity for the proper organization of transportation by the sea with the help of our specialists in international maritime transport of cargoes.

Sea freight: profitable, reliable, affordable

Transportation of cargo by sea is an excellent solution for those who are in no hurry while, at the same time, they appreciate the high quality of delivery.

Marine container freight has a number of significant advantages over other types of delivery. Among them:

1.Increased speed of loading and unloading of goods. Cargo transportation by sea gives a significant saving of time during loading and unloading. In this case, loading on board is carried out not in bulk, but in one large container.

2. Perfect safety of cargo. During transportation, the ship will only meet the soft waves on the way. Uneven asphalt pavement, winding roads, and railways, traffic lights, inspections on the road or stations – all such things remain on the land.

3. Minimum risk of loss of goods in transit. Before sea transportation containers are sealed in the presence of the customer. In his presence (or under the supervision of an official representative), the cargo is printed and transferred for subsequent delivery to the site. Thus, international transportation of goods by sea is the most reliable method of delivery of, especially valuable property.

4. Budget savings. Choosing marine transport, you do not have to spend corporate money on additional packing of goods. Inside the container, it is possible to carry the goods with the preservation of their original appearance. Moreover, the transportation of goods by sea allows you to save on temporary storage warehouses. Containers can be used as temporary storage before transshipment to the next mode of transport.

5. No downtime at customs. The specifics of maritime transport from China, India, USA, Turkey, Canada, and other countries is related to the fact that international borders are crossed at sea (as for air transport – in the air). Upon the arrival of the goods at the port, customs control does not take as much time as during road freight. Over the course of our business activity, the Europiir Logistics OÜ has managed to build strong relationships with leading container lines and transport companies in the field of maritime transport.

5 steps to the successful organization of cargo transportation by marine transport

It is easy and convenient to arrange marine transportation with the Europiir Logistics OÜ. You are only a few steps away from organizing high-quality container transportation by sea through our company. Take the steps:

1. Contact the manager by phone or email and describe your task:

  • a. where from and where to do you need to deliver the cargo;
  • b. desired delivery time;
  • c. the volume of goods transportable (it is possible to organize sea transportation of oversized cargo);
  • d. whether the subsequent transportation of sea containers by road is required.

The specialist will record the data provided by you and calculate the preliminary cost of sea transportation.

2. Give us the necessary documents for sea transportation from the USA, Asia, India, Greece, Turkey, Canada or China. Professional lawyers will prepare a package of documents for transportation and check the correctness of their execution.

3. Sign a contract for international marine freight.

4. Visit the departure point or send there a trusted person. The container will be loaded and sealed in your presence or in the presence of your representative. All actions documented.

5. At the end of the international sea container transportation visit the destination point. In your presence, the seal will be removed from the container. Make sure in full safety of the goods.

We guarantee:
  • the quality organization of container transportation from China, India, USA, Turkey, Canada, Greece, and Asia;
  • fast registration in the intermediate ports of Estonia and at the destination point;
  • full financial responsibility for the safety of cargo during container shipping;
  • affordable costs of transportation by sea.
Complimentary services

Our company has a long-standing experience in sea freight from China and other countries. In the course of work, the team of the Europiir Logistics OÜ has gained a wealth of experience in the field of shipping cargo by water, so they can solve non-standard tasks, among which:

  • organization of marine refrigerated transport;
  • delivery of oversized cargo (in particular, sea transportation of 20″ and 40″ containers with open top), etc.

Transportation of cargoes by sea is also one of the links in the scheme of multimodal transportation made by the Europiir Logistics OÜ company: shipper – road transport – port – sea transport – port – road transport – recipient (warehouse).