The organization of purchases of goods from anywhere in the world for Russian companies

The Europiir company provides a range of services for the purchase and payment of imported goods from manufacturers and suppliers. We offer both Russian and European trading companies for the purchase of goods and their further delivery to the territory of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union.

If required, our trading companies can conclude contracts for the purchase of imported goods and act as your official representative and the contract holder for the delivery of goods to the territory of the Russian Federation.

Moreover, we may take care of all communication with import suppliers and manufacturers, place the necessary orders, form commercial offers and provide price lists for the products you are interested in. In the complex supply of goods, we will advise and help you solve the problem of VAT refund (value added tax) in the Russian Federation and VAT (value added tax) in the EU.

A formalization of all necessary certificates and permits for the official and unhindered import of goods into the territory of the Customs Union and their further implementation.

Where necessary, we will offer you creative and non-standard solutions and help you to be competitive in the markets of the Customs Union. Our experts, who boast extensive experience in foreign trade, will help you solve any problem and find an individual solution.

Sales of Russian goods in the European market

Our company also offers an importer in Europe for a more convenient and fast delivery of your goods from Russia to Europe. We offer to sell through our importer in Estonia since it is cheaper to execute customs clearance and deliver your goods to the European buyer without trouble.